Roger Christ is a name that can be used to describe a certain particular style of building and it is also used to describe a contemporary style house located in Espoo, Finland.

Modern room rearrangement.

In the bedroom, the solution was very ingenious. The bedroom was arranged in such a way that you can admire the beautiful lake of Helsinki. Also, the decoration of the room was also changed. The walls are white, the floor has a dark blue mosaic and the decoration is done using gray and silver accents. It is a room which is linked with the kitchen and it has a modern design, both inside and outside. I’ll describe it as a modern comfortable living room with a pure design and a spacey look.

The fireplace has a beautiful design and allows you to admire the beautiful landscape while you meditate on the classic Finnish piece of furniture.

Modern Spanish Homes By Roger Christ Photo 4

I can see Finnish sculptural pillows on the sofa, together with a modern black table. The furniture has a grey color, which is always beautiful and make the whole picture a nice feeling.

The room also has some beautiful, colorful decorative objects that create a dynamic atmosphere. The orange room chair stands out in the middle of the room and has a nice stylish chair.

All these modern items are brought together in a lucky décor that makes the room look more relaxed and inviting. So, as you can see, now you can enjoy a beautiful living room, a modern day apartment, a cozy white room and a modern art museum, in a large building that has glass windows– in 18 tall x 21 wide glass windows.