We all have moments when all we need is a bit of everything and nothing can buy us that we need. When that happens you just have to be creative and to find new ways of storing things. It’s exactly what the Boss Studio Ponte Giulia offers you. The inspiration source for this collection of desk organizers was the Mondrian painting. The designers have created a very simple system with circular organizer boxes that resemble empty leaves that are usually found in nature.

The Mondrian Painting in Mouth is a series of organizer boxes that resembles empty leaves of a paint can. These boxes are crafted from borosilicate glass and this detail, along with the color customization, contributes to the overall friendly look. This lovely collection was designed for the desk of the designer, who is a photographer. Each box features a different view and a simple and practical storage space inside. The series also includes a series of wooden boxes with shelves inside. They are great for storing small items such as paper clips, pencils, etc.

The collection is very versatile and it could be adapted to suit a variety of spaces, from public to private. Each box comes with a needle and thread, cardboard space liner and a durable sewing fabric backing. They can be purchased at the price of $64,99. They would make beautiful additions in the office, bedroom, etc.