It’s hard to decide what to look for in your home when you want art for free. For those that are hard to decide whether they should buy a work of art or not, consider this incredible art collector and designer Stephanie De?rous. It’s a space where she combines and combines amazing art pieces and personal memory.The studio is a bright and very atmospheric space. It has white walls and ceiling which provide great views and let in the natural light needed to create a bright and airy atmosphere. It’s like the room of the black box containing a white interior décor.

Most of the furniture has been custom made. This allows the décor to be even more impressive when seen from outside. The ceiling has been painted white and the walls are covered with custom made wooden panels of stained pine. On the floor there’s a dark stained oak.

The atmosphere inside is very inviting and warm. As expected, the owners are passionate art collectors and they found their great art treasures a lot easier. They now include beautiful and rare paintings on the walls and unique furniture inside the studio.

Backyard Art Collector And Designer Stephanie De?rous Creates Beautiful And Unique Works Of Art In Her Studio Space Photo 4