When you don’t have a lot of space to work with, your living room becomes a little cramped. It’s when small vases and flower arrangements come in very handy. In fact, this is a living room with a very deliberate and planned interior design. It’s decorated with large vases and accessories and all sorts of eye-catching details. The reason why the room feels so inviting and comfortable is because of all the matching décor details.

The room features two matching white doors. They both have the same dimensions and precise proportions and there’s a continuous and harmonious décor throughout. One of the walls is a very large gallery focused on a vintage staircase. The room also has a fireplace with a gorgeous design. It’s a very pleasant area and the atmosphere inside is warm, inviting and relaxing.

The owner decided to turn this room into a beautiful family living room. The new living room is located just off the entry hallway and it offers a great view of the surrounding area. The rooms are not particularly large but it has a very well-planned interior, a shared family room where everyone can gather and spend time together or when friends come over.{found on site}.