If you’re looking for a floor tile that’ll fit both with wood and tiles, check out this Terracotta Floor Tile from Pottery Barn. It’s specially crafted from a durable mix of pottery barn resin and PVC. It won’t fade or turn green over time and will last for several years to come.

It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces and comes in two different sizes. There are natural tones to choose from or are just convertible shades that will gladly stand out in any room. It’s also a neutral color that will complement any space from a modern to a classic one. Furthermore, it comes in multiple different color options. From the natural honey-like color to the bold gold color or the citroneurge color, there’s sure to be a color that fits into your decor.

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Who Should Purchase This?

Terracotta Floor Tile From Pottery Barn Photo 4

Those that want to add color or texture to their existing decor. It’s also a great color to go with when you want to use it as an accent color. Since it’s a blended product, it’ll definitely stand out amongst the other colors you may be using.