Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Wall Shoe Rack

All my shoes have a storage place where I can store them. Usually I have my flats and suits, my scarfs and other things I need near me, I have my trainers, and I have the possibility of storing all […]

Curved Patio Designs By James & Mau

You may not have imagined that a curved patio can exist in the real world, but here is one project which provides compelling reasons why someone would like to live in a futuristic world and not in the real oracular […]

Fall Color Palette For 2012

Even though it’s not a very popular or popular color, black is a very strong and dark color and that’s mainly because it’s black and black. Even though it’s a cold color, it can help create a warm and cozy […]

Cork Board Diy Project

Can you imagine how annoying it would be to have to keep your wine corks in a drawer or maybe displayed on a shelf or under the sofa? Wouldn’t it be better to have a place to store them, somewhere […]

Copper Bathtubs From Evergreen Pottery

Copper baths are used for decorative purposes. They are used for creating a dramatic interior décor seen through the crystal surface, where the copper traces of the bathtub surface create this dramatic effect. The bathtub can be made of various […]