When we are guests we will feel like we are traveling in the world and we will see various things that everybody admires. Nowadays everybody can see exactly what what we eat, drink or say something to everybody. But the taste of the majority is to keep a few objects close to us when we are in restaurant, club or wherever else you have a buffet to greet us after the meal. These lovely DIY photo frames make the perfect visual frames for your indoor space.

So if you are a bit creative you can easily make some lovely DIY photo frames for your living room. For this project you will need some photos, some low-quality printed frames, a few portrait frames, and some silk flowers.The process is really simple as you just take a liking to the idea, decorate the frame with the “art” of the frame, add some pictures, and … voila! … the perfect photo frame.

You will need to purchase some low-quality materials such as: a piece of poster board, some wood screws, wood stain, wood pliers, a screw punch, a drill and some masking tape. The pictures that you choose will be the ones that will give the frame its shape.

Diy Photo Frames For Living Room Photo 3

The pictures that you choose to fill your frame with will be the sides that will be reflected in the pictures that you make on the photo frame. You will simply make small holes at the back of the frame and then allow it to shrink and be mounted on the wall. Do not worry if the picture is not exactly straight, because you will have plenty of space in the frame and it will not be hard to fix the whole thing.

Diy Photo Frames For Living Room Photo 4

To make the picture small, hold it against the frame and secure it with masking tape. Or you can just make it square and adorn it with some colored embroidery floss. The picture that you choose should be enough to attach the photo glass and leave the rest simple. As you can see, it’s that simple!{found on oshabbycute}.