In this era of contemporary movies and extreme kitsch bungalows, people are trying to make their homes as homey and attractive as possible. It’s a normal response to the consumer needing a sense of comfort and protection. So a lot of people chose to make their homes look and feel cozy and it might be a little weird for some people, but if you’re willing to do that, it’s the perfect opportunity to have a cozy home.

This particular home resembles a small cabin. It’s decorated with the classic style with a few modern touches, like the lamp, the armchair and the artwork. It’s a rather small place but it’s firm and alive like a mountain cabin. I wouldn’t be able to even guess which style it’s a modern home in without seeing it. It’s not like you were walking into a cold, dark place without an inviting atmosphere or something like that.

The owner of this home is Howard Lee. This is a circa 1850’s eccentric house located in London. Even though it’s an old house, it has a modern interior design. It features an Arts and Craft room, an U-shaped kitchen/dining area and a living room. There’s also an over-sized folding bed/living room piece. So it’s not a very modern home, but it’s close enough. It’s just a small home, but it’s complete the modern house image.

It’s a small home but it’s very inviting and cozy. It’s a perfect example of how you can create a modern home without necessarily choosing a very colorful and artistic interior design. It’s a great example of how you can adapt old buildings for a modern home, even if they are old and make you sometimes feel like taking a nap.{found on homedsgn}