If you love life on the edge of the natural world, this pale yellow kitchen interior design by Arte International could be just the cool thing you’re looking for. The Geneva kitchen you see here is located in the Switzerland’s small, quiet town of Vals, and is meant to be cozy and comfortable. The designers envisioned a kitchen that would be large enough to allow family to stay together while performing everyday tasks, and where the homeowners themselves can be their guests, doing all of their daily chores. With everything so pale and light, the only colors the designers were able to use were red and black for a sense of strength and love, we might as well use them.

The Geneva kitchen uses open shelving for a uniform and livable aesthetic, allowing the homeowner to see what they are cooking and creating their own recipes from one wall to another. In terms of design, it’s very similar to a modern farmhouse kitchen we’ve seen earlier, with a light and warm tone of turquoise that matches a few other elements in the room like the chairs and table.

The open shelving is long, horizontal and skinny, which is great for the space it occupies without feeling cluttered or small. It creates a nice corian effect for the items you want to put on display.

Because the shelves are so skinny, they have a very inconspicuous style. They are also painted black which makes them very modern and clean looking. The minimalist style make it easy to see through and to keep track of what’s being displayed on each shelf. Each shelf has a unique function and the shelves are arranged in such a way that you can see the items stored and easily accessed.

The overall design is very similar across the entire apartment. The only detail that suggests that this is not an apartment deviating between two completely different styles is the lighting fixture that’s hanging from the ceiling. It gives it a little bit of industrial flair and the rest of the decor scheme is quite diverse.

Each shelf has a different function, and that’s something that would be very easy to avoid by using different types of storage. This creates a sense of transparency. As you can see, the shelves are great for storing valuables or decorative items and collectibles. They are also great for displaying items like the pendant lamp in the living room, like this vintage queen size bed sheet.