Tired of the same old boring coat hanger? Personalize your closet with this fun tree coat hanger from Urban Outfit Personal that brings a little bit of green to your home!

This unusual hanger will naturally allow for a certain amount of different hooks or collage creations as it is available in a variety of different colors (black, green, red, orange, and blue). This particular hanger is complimented wonderfully by the four different hangers themselves, making it clear that this is a highly personalized home product.

Furthermore, it features a space for you to properly store your jackets and shoes as well as a hook for your hat, which is especially useful if you happen to have a large shag or two. Some customers also like this hanger in particular since it is easy to put together and comes with multiple hardware options. One of the best things about this hanger is that it comes with a gorgeous color option that matches every room, regardless of the décor in which you install it.

Tree Coat Hanger From Urban Outfit Personal Photo 4

Customers like how it comes with lots of different sized hooks, and they are definitely pleased with the overall hook options as well as the speed that it puts together.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this article has helped you select a coat hanger that you love. Whether you want a fixed hanger or one that comes with a mount, we think that you’ll love the process of shopping for the perfect coat hanger. The most important thing to remember is that you want to buy a hanger that will fit around your existing coat rack.