For those who exercise a lot, a daily routine is usually a nice way of taking rest. Exercise rooms are usually small and it’s because exercise needs to be motivated so finding a good place for this is often a challenge. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t come up with something creative, simply because you have a lot of imagination to work with.

This is the home exercise room. It’s basically a space that’s directly connected to nature. It has a bed with a sliding door that the exercise room occupies in addition to the usual storage area. The door is also an element that helps those using the room to concentrate better. The room is a sort of artificial internal environment that allows the user to start their exercise journey at a natural speed. It might seem overwhelming but it can be compared to the training room.

The bedroom is the area of the house that needs more than anything else. It’s a space designed for relaxation. However, the relaxation can also be provided by the exercise space. It might be just a casual area with a small sofa and a climbing wall. The climbing wall is actually a slide that the exercise room uses. It’s an interesting idea, considering that the exercise room is usually not used for taking long breaks. It might be just a few minutes of vacation all day long but it’s enough to relax the muscles.

Home Exercise Room Design By Michael Hennessey Interior Design Photo 3

As for the interior design, it’s obvious that the idea of this room is to feel cozy. It’s why the furniture has been carefully chosen and the design is so simple, clean and simple. It’s also obvious that the décor is modern and very well chosen. The color palette is also restraint and includes only neutral colors. There are some colorful touches that add dynamism to the décor.