This collection of furniture was designed by A-cero and it has as its parameter a ‘double threat’. What is really important for most of us is that we can work perfectly with the expensive items from the store or we can reinvent ourselves with little effort. This is how I would describe this ingenious design of the “ Simple Exterior ” table. I would venture to say that this is about as good as it gets. I would like to have this table in my kitchen.

Actually, it’s not just the table that is transforming, it is a whole lot more important. It’s not just the table, but the surrounding space that is being decorated so as to allow the owner to be in control over the entire process of cooking and eating. It’s not easy to be cooking, but if you are not careful and you might want to try something else, than a real challenge.

This is not a small furniture collection, on the contrary. It’s a real rapid evolution, running from the model to the most powerful shapes. This is probably the best way to design a piece that is really useful and that can be easily transported.

Inexpensive Side Table With Stone And Wood Top Photo 3