Yesterday was the first day of summer and I noticed that the weather was fine and the temperature was perfect for eating and spending a nice dinner. So I took advantage of this great situation and took advantage of last minute meals whenever I have the spare time, so that I could savour something really interesting and enjoyable. Well, breakfast is usually the affair, but this beautiful and modern dining table vase is the decoration that I want to illustrate a little bit.

You can create this decorative frame in many different ways by using different objects that represent the same design and colour , so that the frame will not be too busy and too colourful , too. For example you can use some glass jars, wood slices, branches or wood slices , tiny plant pots or maybe a ceramic container. Any way, the point is that you can use any unusual objects and place them at the corner of your dining room table or in the middle of the table, wherever you can find some support. And this way you will have the perfect item for every dining room. If you want to purchase the item, go for a price between £ 4.40 and £ 5.20, directly from Imperfection.

Dining Table Vase Photo 2

Dining Table Vase Photo 3