Who would have thought it would be possible to have a temporary home in such a hot and humid weather all year long? This is the new work space of journalist Rosena Weissmann.

The idea was very ingenious. If you look at this place you’ll see that it’s not an ordinary home. Inside there are no rooms but a kitchen, a dining nook and a sleeping area. Every space is built and designed as to provide maximum comfort and it all begins to dissolve into the Chaos field. For the temporary work space the owner can just live outside but in the middle of a forest. It’s a very unusual home but it’s also a innovative project that uses unusual materials.

The temporary work space is composed of a movable box-like structure that can be slid to the South where it creates a semi-covered nook that can be sued either as a living or working area. What’s very surprising about this space is that is also the kitchen. This type of organization simply makes it more functional. It’s a great solution for small spaces. The alternative would be to occupy all these spaces with large cabinets or shelves. Rosena Weissmann came up with this ingenious temporary work space idea for the reporter’s internship. It’s a space that serves as a gathering place for reporters, like a reporter usually used for photo editing and other types of work-related activities.