Because we are all different and we are all different in our own way, we need to have different ideas of how to make our homes perfect and comfortable for us. But the reality is that we all have moments when we just want to get away from everything and everyone and to go to our own place where we can relax and clear our mind. And the answer is very simple: we have rooms with doors and rooms where we can go to. And the best solution is to find a desk where you can write, draw, paint or even decorate your room.

This particular desk is perfect for any home, especially where you have few hours. It is lean and simple, being all rounded out in the right places and having the perfect dimensions. It is also very easy to move from one place to another and this is really great, since you can get online and ask for the right dimensions. The desk has metal legs and a wood top, having just a hint of industrial.

You can use it as a standing desk and you can adjust it so as to fit the chair in the right place. The desk comes in two versions: the base aluminium, so special for the office that you need when you work at your table, and the second colour painted in black and also available for purchase. The item can be bought from Head to Home for $599.