The design of this space was planned according to the meditation nook being present in the house, both at the entrance and at the second floor, where we see that the space has been planned quite comfortably. Being present in the house is a good idea because we need rest and relaxation in those times of the day we stay at home.

Also, because the company has offices in Boca Raton and Miami, the need for a calm and relaxing space has been under discussion. The intention was to have a well-balanced and happy space, where clients might feel at home but still be with fun. The space was not designed for a profon De Redonda, because of which it has only a wooden table and three chairs, but for a good content.

Also, the calming effect given by the wood might be counteracted by the stress of the place due to the different angle of the wood relief. The only thing that could be changed and improved is the way the wood absorbs the sunlight and is protected from changing conditions.

Meditation Nook By A-cero Photo 3