When it comes to beautiful views from an apartment or house, what’s frustrating more than not being able to admire them from the comfort of your own home? The solution in this case would be to have a window in your home, ideally located in a room you usually use when renting out the apartment or when you simply want a beautiful view without seeing the ocean from your bed.

Situated in Sydney, Australia, the View project was designed by Choi Ropiha Fighera. The client requested a large open space that would allow the parking space to be integrated into the living areas. The problem that the site presented was that the site was surrounded by detached houses, so the architects had to find a way to make the best of the situation.

They managed to solve this problem by designing a courtyard that was incorporated into the design of the living spaces. The courtyard serves as a main hub that directs the views towards the ocean, taking advantage of the orientation of the site and the panoramic views.

The living areas are characterized by large sofas facing both east and west winds and large windows that let the beautiful ocean breeze in. A neutral color palette was chosen for the décor, giving the space a balanced and warm look.

The master bedroom features a retro style with white and brown elements and matching accent features throughout. The bathroom is a beautiful combination of white and brown, same as in the rest of the house.