Swimming pools in general are considered to be beautiful by no one except those that like snooping around with their heads in the water and shouting their complaints. However, seeing a swimming pool that’s well built and with enough space to spare us from drowning is very different from looking at a fish in a glass bowl. First of all , another part of a building shouldn’t be neglected, so a swimming pool should be made of something comfortable to use, and this can be easily achieved with a good mod design.

A good mod is one that creates a space that’s comfortable and easy to use, but that hasn’t been as successful as the sight of a mod but to look at home. After all , a home is a house inside, a house that should reflect your personal style and that should satisfy your needs and preferences. To better understand this concept, let’s take a look at a different property, this time in Las Rozas, Canary Islands, Spain.

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It was designed by José Adrião Arquitecto and it was called the Pool Villa because of its resemblance with a large pool. Actually the pool is the structure that surrounds the villa, and the ground level underneath it is only used for hacking, fencing and swimming in the open air. On the first floor you can find the rooms of the house, but the front side of the house is only for public spaces, as the rest of the house is only designed in a way, and it is only used for hosing and cleaning after the party, or simply to wash and clean.

The property is very well planned and every single corner is taken into consideration and specially designed for the usage of the land and the position of the family, as the children grow up and become too much. In other words, the present layout of the house is the best option as it is suitable for a family with two children and has less problems from a structural point of view and from a material point of view.{found on archdaily}

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