Grey is a powerful color and it can be harsh but it’s also soothing. It can be bland and boring when it’s contained within the same context as white and it can also be dynamic and bold if it’s not the dominant tone. However, too much grey in one room can make the room feel smaller and cluttered. It’s why it’s important to use carefully designed grey tiles, maybe even to even get some help from the neutral room dividers and the dark tones that accompany the color.

The first dark tone that comes to mind when chatting about grey is black. It’s no longer a neutral and it can be seen in almost every design or décor. However, some shade of grey can also be a great accent color if you know how to use it. For example, a tiled grey area rug can be a great choice. Black furniture is also an elegant choice but it’s still too much so it’s best to avoid plum for the sake of simplicity. There are also several other shades of grey that you can opt for and they are all dark and no-nonsense.

Several grey nuances can be harmonized using the same color but in different shades. They are all neutrals and they create a beautiful background for the other tones. Moreover, a grey room is also a great inviting color and this allows it to be part of the overall décor that you create. Even though grey is a difficult shade to maintain and to maintain, it can be a very hospitable color that makes your home feel like an inviting village.{pictures sources:1,2,3,4&5}.

Modern Grey Bathroom Design Ideas Photo 3

Modern Grey Bathroom Design Ideas Photo 4