Unlike the typical office interior design, a home office needs to be as organized and functional as possible. It’s why it would be best to opt for a unique design. Some office decorating ideas would be fun to try include a series of customized elements that might include a wall calendar, a chalkboard and maybe even a few personal decorations.Let’s take a look at some examples and hopefully they’ll inspire you.

It could be useful to have a wall calendar where you can write down everything, possibly including reminders, messages and bills. That way you’ll be able to better organize everything and you’ll keep them on a special place where you can most easily find them when you need them.

Another way to use a chalkboard in the office is via a DIY board. It’s an item that can be cut out from a pallet or scrap piece of wood and it’s easy to include in the office decorating theme.

If you have a window with exposed wooden boards and if you like the idea, you can spray paint several of these boards and then glue them onto the window frame. It’s a very simple process and you can use paint to add the finishing touches.

Here’s a little something that you can do to make the office decor more personal and inviting. It’s a framed chalkboard which you can paint on the wall. Use chalkboard paint and make a large statement.

Here’s another idea for a personal office space. This is a chalkboard cabinet/ desk and it has a vintage-rustic look. It’s made from an old door and some wood boards and it can be a really cool addition to a home office or a study.