Painting the pumpkins is already one of the most fun things to do in Halloween. Let’s see how you can impress your guests with one of the most fun and versatile projects. Choose a pumpkin and paint it. You’ll be able to make a colorful decoration for your home in no time.

If you want, you can also select the stem or leaves of the pumpkin and paint them to give them a fresh look that will complement perfectly the rest of the décor, the borders will be white and they’ll look beautiful. You can also use colored leaves and then simply paint the pumpkin.

Painted Pumpkin Ideas For Halloween Photo 2

If you have the time, there’s also the possibility to create prints. For example, you can make a pumpkin hamper. All you need is a pumpkin, acrylic paint in black and white, brushes, masking tape and a paint brush. First you brush the black paint and then you paint the pumpkin white. If you don’t have a black paint then you can just white the whole pumpkin.{found on thepinpinpinfoodie}.

Another idea would be to give the pumpkin a nice coat of gold spray paint. Then you can paint the stem and the pumpkin using different colors. If you’re creative you’ll also find some other way to decorate this pumpkin. Just a few minutes and you’ll create a lovely detail for your home.{found on thesimpliestchairblog}.

This fun pumpkin featured on goldsrrr is not made of gold but you can use either. First you spray paint the pumpkin and then you add a strip of gold leaf. You can create all sorts of designs and combinations. Then you can use the pumpkin as a vase or as a decoration for the table or mantel.{found on honeybearlane}.