If you’re looking for a unique and unusual furniture collection to display in your home, like the Ikea Kallax, make your pick: the Kallax. It’s a collection of furniture pieces, which are basically shelving units that are very similar to boxes that are usually placed on shelves. Because they are so unusual, they capture the spirit of the Ikea collection in a very original way.

The Kallax collection features wall units with sleek and modern design. The piece includes the sake cabinet, the storage unit for the drawers and the tower unit, the magic chair and the storage closets. They are all built with an industrial look so they would fit any home. They feature the same colors and patterns so that they fit the décor beautifully.

Ikea Like Furniture Collection Photo 2

They also feature removable covers, which makes them even more functional. The cabinet has two doors that open inwards and are designed to hide the drawers. They have a unique way of looking beautiful when it’s sunny outside. The tower cabinet features a series of riveted segments which are designed to look like turned down disk of cheese. It’s a modern and eye-catching piece that would look great in a modern or contemporary home.

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