The sight of a wonderful waterfall well below the lake can be quite mesmerizing and unforgettable. Imagine yourself relaxing on one of these chairs immaculately enjoying the mesmerizing, magical backdrop – at least for a moment. The Water Cube is designed by Hülsta architects and it’s part of a small series of themed hotel rooms.

The Water Cube is a terrace balcony free of all but three walls. It has a roof which offers it protection from the summer sun and it also serves as a shelf for displaying a few things. The wall between it and the outdoors is partially made of glass. When not needed, the sun goes down neither does it bother you when you have a barbecue outside.

Outside Party With A Twist – The Water Cube By Hülsta Photo 2

The viewpoint is splendid from up here. But from the inside you can still see the great curvature of the lake. It’s a small change but it makes a big difference. Now instead of worrying about the views, you can enjoy them first from behind the sofa. The curved wall offers a comfortable place to sit.

When the sun is not the sky, the sun shines through the holes in the back of the building. Even the terrace is made of glass, giving a wonderful view to the lake and the sea. The interior of the unit is simple, modern and cozy. The color palette chosen includes white and natural wood with bold touches of yellow and orange.{found on designboom}.