Even though it’s winter we are all treated very well with the white clothes. Therefore, bringing the white decorations out its place should be a priority. This room is no different. The theme of the room is completely changed. The ocean, blue, pink and coconut colors are used for the fun areas. I really like the combination of blue and white and the fresh marine blue patterns. You can use the photos for inspiration or come up with your own ideas and patterns.

The blue mirror, the stars, the sails, the colorful parrot, the floral design of the bed covers, everything is reminiscent of the beautiful blue of the ocean. The room also includes a nice dining area where the table of scones and lamps are perfect for that. The room is completed by a desk that is in the same mint green, but with a natural wood finish. This Pirate, or at least looks like it, has only one color, but that is the most beautiful color combination in a room.

Coral Room Decorating Photo 2

It is the combination of blue and white, of black and white or of white and blue that gives the whole room an elegant and special mood, a special ambiance.

Coral Room Decorating Photo 4