People are sensitive human beings and love to express their feelings through gestures and other methods. Their sensitivity and capacity for art are known to be developed as soon as they are aware that any interaction or conversation can take place in a certain room. The room “hides” their joy and passion that has always been the key to their development and feels like heaven.

The owners, being women, were fascinated by the softness of concrete, which she perceives as being favored by women because of its permanence and the fact that it gives expression to the form and lines of the material. They wanted to see in the interior design the courage and elegance of the furniture used to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

The women’s room is divided in two categories; on one side, there is a chic and minimalist decoration, made of wood, from floor and wall alike; on the other side, the high style living room furniture is the central point of the entire house, emphasizing its architecture and style. On the first floor there is a private area of couple’s bedroom, keeping the privacy and security, while the remaining space is open, showing the public view.

The dining room greets the visitors with a simple design, with elegant black chairs, all handpicked by the owners. From the living room, the light opens up to the east overlooking the swimming pool, where the owner can relax and admire the beautiful blue waters. The front room is a large space, from where you can get a glimpse at the azure landscape that surrounds the area, the front garden, and the surrounding green.

Really Christmas Interior Design Room Photo 4

The master bedroom is a peaceful and serene space decorated with natural colors, from light to shadow and texture. From the bedroom, the views travel throughout the house, and the azure shape of the landscape becomes present again, under the large palette of colors. The lighting design is truly one of its best features, offering indirect, finger-pointed light , which emphasizes the orientation of the room, as well as the delicate curves of the ceiling, which transform the ceiling into a jewel.

The remaining room serves as the guest bathroom, with a large shower and an elegant sink basin in black, that stands on the floor, covered with a wide white rug. In the extra-large bathroom, the walls have been covered with hand-painted wallpaper.