The nightstand is a must in every bedroom. It’s a practical feature, especially in the case of small bedrooms. It saves space and it allows the room to feel more airy and spacious. It’s why nightstands are popular choices for contemporary homes as well as other types of spaces. However, they are not always the best choice for minimalist, modern homes.

This collection offers some interesting options. The pieces have a nature-inspired look and some of them share similar features. You can find here a series of nightstands with something similar but different in terms of design but with a different color and finish. The Pearl series is handcrafted of wood and marble and there are matching free-standing and stand-alone nightstands with similar designs.

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The series features some very beautiful, minimalist designs. They have a very stylish look and they would look wonderful in the bedrooms of contemporary homes, as accent pieces. They would solve the storage problem and would make a great addition to the rooms. The Pearl series offers a great combination of simple and refined and its simplicity and versatility makes it perfect for most modern and contemporary bedrooms.

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