Pink is one of the most interesting colors because is has a strong impact on the whole image and it surprises with its brightness and joy and color. It’s a reason why you should include it in your home, even in the smallest of rooms. This is the nursery. To make it even cozier, it’s painted in pink which is a great color to use for the little girl’s room. The rest of the house should also be white.

This means you have a blank canvas to start with and you can start painting. Start with a pallet-shaped base and then add some color. To make it nice, you may also add some decals that you can place on the walls at the same time. Add a little gradient of color to the walls using a pink paint. It’s an easy trick and it will also completely change the atmosphere in the room.

The pink one used here to paint little white dots and triangles on the walls brings out the overall peace and love of the room and the atmosphere is very serene. You can use as many colors as you want, depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create. A white nursery can be painted in light pink or, in the case of a mostly pink décor, white tubes that can be painted white as well.{found on site}