We’re always searching for new and interesting ways to create functional and beautiful furniture pieces, and part of the process of creating something beautiful is to constantly search for new ways to store and display things and to improve its functionality. We came across some really cool lines of furniture by Team 7 and we just had to share them with you.

The first design is the Stack. It’s an interesting way of storing your books. Or rather of hiding them, so your kids can’t see them. An alternative can be to turn the bookcase into a secret bookcase door.

You’ll be happy to know that the Key rack is very easy to make. You just need some lengths of driftwood or tree branches, some small hooks, and four small nails. You can probably find it at your local hardware store.

The Key rack is another very simple project that requires very few materials and little time. You just need to find a branch or a driftwood and cut it to the right size and shape. You can also use driftwood to make a beautiful side table.

Modern Bookshelf Designs From Team 7 Photo 4

This is a very lovely and delicate corner bookcase and don’t forget about the figurines if you want to save some space. You can make this one using little pieces of driftwood and a few tiny buttons.

Modern Bookshelf Designs From Team 7 Photo 5

This corner bookcase is very beautiful but it’s not helpful to the overall décor of the room. It would be best to hide it behind cabinet doors or even under a shelf.

This is a different idea and a way of adding some storage space in plain sight. It’s a driftwood bookcase and it’s not that difficult to make. All you need is a piece of driftwood or a large branch, two small pieces of wood, paint and screws.

If you have a fireplace that’s no longer working, you can store some of your old documents in it. These include things like your phone, your wallet, your keys and so on.

In the laundry room, there are lots of things that need to be stored. In here, the solution for that would be a simple pole. You can just take the pole and attach it to a wall, either inside the laundry room or in there.

This is another simple and functional ways of storing things on the wall in the laundry room. You just have to find a good place where to hang the pole and then simply hook it onto the wall.

If you have a mudroom or a leisure space, you can store your clothes in there. It’s a great idea because you get to free up space and everyone can see what you’re wearing.

This is a very charming way of hiding your clothes and, why not, the towels. You can either make a cabinet or use an old window frame.

Here’s another great way of maximizing the storage capacity of a laundry room. You can either make a drawer or you can install a shelf-like structure under the dryer where you can keep all the clothes.

Laundry room drawers can be great too. For example, this is a very nice and open laundry room with lots of storage space in it. It’s hidden behind the closed doors and it’s very practical.

Make the most of your laundry room. Don’t waste space with big and bulky furniture. Focus on efficiency. Make the most of the space you have available, like by building a ironing board out of a wooden board.

How to decorate a hamper.

You know how kids enjoy hiding their clothes in a hamper or in a box when they come home and don’t find it appropriate to put them in the closet or to pay attention to the storage system? Adults usually have much more freedom when decorating their homes.

So do the same things as the kids. Give them plenty of storage space so they can better organize their things. Modern and contemporary laundry room also include multifunctional elements.