The key to creating a warm and inviting feel in your home is not in the materials or colors you use for the walls or for the furniture but in the actual design of the room. A softly gray bathroom, for example, can make you feel like in a spa somewhere and it can also transform into a very serene and peaceful nook. But let’s take a look at some specific examples.

This bathroom is not particularly large but it has a clean and minimalist interior décor. The colors are neutral and they are used in combination with soft textures and warm textures. The focal point in the room is a black mirror frame which is actually the glass wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom. It’s a simple but very beautiful decoration.

This bathroom has a very interesting interior design. It’s obviously modern but it also has a classical charm. The combination of turquoise walls and dark wooden furniture is very nice. And since it’s the bathroom, the turquoise accents have also been used to create a beautiful décor. The room is airy and light and there’s not much privacy in there.

Turquoise is a beautiful color only suitable for those areas where it needs to be strong and vibrant but where it has to be both serene and calm. It’s why turquoise is not generally liked in bathrooms.

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