When you’re living in a small place, the biggest and most important advantage is probably the fact that you can do whatever you want to. However, sometimes you need some extra storage space for things that you usually don’t want to have in the house but they still want to have near the entrance. In those cases built-in storage is Perfect.

Staircases are the perfect place for built-in storage. You can come up with this clever idea as a way to save some space near the entrance. You can design a series of steps that you can put from one end of the staircase to the other. And when you’re done with that part, you step back and enjoy the space.

You can have built-in storage compartments in other parts of the house as well. For example, the kitchen could use some extra storage space. There’s plenty of room there for a big table and you can use the rest of the space for storage too.

Even if the staircase itself is relatively small, you can still use the space to your advantage. For example, you can install some shelves on the wall which you can then use to store and display things like the mail, the phone and other gadgets or items that you don’t want to keep on the stairs.


The area underneath the stairs is usually just free space. It’s why it’s important for all sorts of clever and creative storage solutions to be devised.

For example, it’s quite easy to turn a subjective matter into something practical. For example, by using wooden crates and hiding the mounting device with them you can turn that area into a storage space for your mail, your keys, your bottles of water, your phone and other similar items.


It’s hard to say what’s the best type of office in a house. It depends on personal preferences, use and special circumstances. If the office is an ever-present family based on life events or just a space used everyday by friends and family, it’s best to opt for something that complements their lifestyle.

For example, if you’re the creative type, maybe you’d like to paint your office walls like a mural and use some of your old ikea furniture to make it look more personal. Or, if you work from home and enjoy minimalism, you should try to make the office a place that’s mainly made for working, spending free time and enjoying being there as much as possible.

Some things are also very present in our homes and they deserve to stand out. Among those, we could mention things like a painting studio, a bookshelf, a TV, a stereo, a record player, a soba, a fireplace, cameras and so on. But the ways in which we can make them work together is still a little bit of imagination.{found on Jimi Rubin and Barbara Bennett}.