Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Small Bunk Beds For Children

Kids love bunk beds and kids love them so much that they can’t possibly appreciate a simple and safe way to combine these two features. It’s why kids are more likely to prefer bunk beds than to play with them […]

Bedrooms For Girls By Mamas Kanas

When you have a little girl or two, you want to have plenty of space for lounging and playing. Sofas, cribs, and bed sheets are a great way to keep her busy while she’s waiting for her to fall asleep, […]

Loftbed Design By Casey Brown Architecture

When we sit down for a relaxing afternoon in the summer our days become less formal and more friendly, and the whole feeling is rather familiar and comfortable. In those moments we can unleash our inner artist and create wonderful […]

Diy Storage Beds For Kids

Kids love to hide and explore and most of all they like to hide in small places all day long so it would be nice to make something fun for them, something they can hide in and play with, something […]

Stairs Beds With Built-in Storage

When you’re living in a small place, the biggest and most important advantage is probably the fact that you can do whatever you want to. However, sometimes you need some extra storage space for things that you usually don’t want […]

Nice Backyard Pools By James & Mau

The Perfect Grove House was designed by James & Mau. Located in Hampton Bays, South Dakota, the house has a wonderful gravel driveway lined with palm trees. The home has two swimming pools including a plunge pool flanked by two […]

Creative Kids Beds By Javi Petri

Kids are never alone in the house. However, they become students of the ­? and start their weekends at work. So the parents need to find everything to take care of – like the kids beds, for example. And if […]

Unique Girls Beds By Lei

Enter the world of unique girls beds, and decide what will work next for you – the innovative Lei beds? Made with a hardwood frame and walls of cherry wood, the beds are made to make the perfect backdrop to […]