If you have a luxury bathroom, then you should make it the envy of all snickers because it will surely have a special charm to it. The luxury bathrooms from Etrusca will make your bathroom the envy of all snickers because they offer a grate view and a luxury bathroom set up that is truly awe-inspiring.

Having a luxury bathroom is something that is taken very seriously and the luxurious bathrooms from Etrusca are meant to fulfill that urge.The bathroom vanities of Etrusca are crafted from beautiful Murano glass and come in various hues of Murano glass from white to green and ochre to black varieties.

Since this is the latest wave of luxury bathroom furniture, the vanities are available in various sizes of 120 cm-480 cm and they have a heavy bezel base making them perfect for those who would like to add a touch of extravagance.

If you have the luxury of an open bathroom you should know that you can have your own personal Claremont bathroom furniture. It includes a free-standing bathtub, a free-standing rain shower, a hand shower, a wall-hung bath, a double shower and a tilt-top bath.

All the luxury bathrooms from Etrusca remind us of an opulent hotel, which seems to be the one place that makes the difference between an ordinary life and a luxury one.As the owner clearly indicated, the interior of the bathroom vanities should be decorated in soft color tones and easy to maintain.