Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Copper Bathtubs From Evergreen Pottery

Copper baths are used for decorative purposes. They are used for creating a dramatic interior décor seen through the crystal surface, where the copper traces of the bathtub surface create this dramatic effect. The bathtub can be made of various […]

Unique Vessel Sinks By Rapsel

Could you imagine a more relaxing bath than those soaking down into a warm ocean after a day of work. The vessel sink is designed by Rapsel and it is made of 100% stainless steel. No other coating is added […]

Retro Bathroom Design

If you are having a hard time coming back to your bathroom and finding the right style, then this retro bathroom design may be the best choice for you. The design features of this bathroom allow the use of using […]

Apartment Bathrooms With Sliding Doors

Bathrooms are always tricky. Most people prefer to have a wall-free space where they can just put their thoughts in order, relax, and enjoy the moment. There is one bathroom that is particularly hard to decorate because it is se […]

Colored Bathtubs By Carlo Pecor

There are many beautiful and interesting colored bathtubs in the market nowadays. I like the red bathrooms of super brands, as they have a special refreshing smell. When you choose a colored bathtub it can bring a beautiful atmosphere to […]