With the ageing of the surrounding houses starting to look less and less impressive, people are starting to realize the benefits of extra bath space. With the city starting to look older, people are noticing the lack of space in their bedrooms. The new mini slit tubs from Lorder are creating a soothing atmosphere. The Japanese company, Lorder, has responded to the increasing demand for bathtub liners in response to the shortage of space.

The “Slide” tub from Lorder is the newest addition to the exquisite Slide and Tilt bath tub series from the Japanese company, Lorder. The tub, in the classic white color with dark sides, does not have any visible screws or metal pieces, but it is smooth and virgin white. It is high tech and high style and can be installed without any complicated installation process. It is perfect for narrow spaces because of the lower part of the porcelain material that can be easily removed from the bath tub. It is also great for narrow spaces because of the high tech design and it offers a lot of space for your bath water.

The taste of the Japanese designer, Fujiya Matsumoto is offered by the lovely “Matsumoto” flower which is well known throughout the world. The hardwood material of wood and the beautiful design make of this bath tub a perfect choice for any modern bathroom.

Japanese Soaking Tubs From Lorder – Mini Slit Tubs Photo 4

Japanese Soaking Tubs From Lorder – Mini Slit Tubs Photo 5