There are many beautiful and interesting colored bathtubs in the market nowadays. I like the red bathrooms of super brands, as they have a special refreshing smell. When you choose a colored bathtub it can bring a beautiful atmosphere to your bathroom and can make your feel great.

Today we would like to present to you the color blue. It may sound too sweet and juvenile if we use it as an example, but it is a strong color that can create a wonderful relaxing ambiance if you have the right colored bathtub.

Colored Bathtubs By Carlo Pecor Photo 2

You have the opportunity to choose the design of your bathtub according to the color of the bathtub and also the design in the bathroom.

The colors ATMKR-one, nick-one, nick-a, nick-b, car-one, car-2, car-3, designed by Carlo Pecor may be the perfect bathtub that create a special ambiance if you are a person who likes comfort, energy and pleasant moments.