The bathtub is the centerpiece of the bathroom. It’s usually the biggest and often the one that occupies the least space. But sometimes it’s not ok to have a very large bathtub that kind of makes sense. Too small for the whole bathroom and too large for a relaxing bath is a miserable experience most of the time. So the designers try to cope with that and to come up with unique and elegant designs that will make people want to have baths in their homes.

Italian company Gervasoni has found a very ingenious and unusual way of solving the problem. They design a bathtub and terrace combo for a small but impressive bathroom. The bathtub is actually a large terrace that extends the bathroom area and is the main space that everyone uses. By creating this combo you can relax and enjoy the time spent in the tub. The idea is very ingenious and it’s not something that everyone would agree with.

It’s a strange design that fits perfectly in this bathroom. The terrace is a real space where the owner can relax and enjoy a few moments alone or with friends. The bathtub is the centerpiece, a large element that catches your attention. It’s actually an ingenious combination between a tub and a shower. From there you have access to the bathroom via a ladder. The entry door is located under the vanity, behind the vanity. All the other rooms are organized around this space. In the bathroom there’s a sink, a shower, a vanity and a waiting area with tiled flooring. For the rest of the house the living room is a large area with sofa and TV, the area that’s near the washing machine and which can be reached via a staircase.

Shower Bathtub Combo From Gervasoni By Paola Navone Photo 4