I can think of nothing but a privilege to have a big expansive picture taken when somebody comes to the house and we cannot leave it on the whole wall. Obviously this is not suitable as a solution to strange walkways somewhere. But there are some people who take traveling pictures and this way can add a bit of class and style to the overall design of the room and even it may even influence the whole composition. For example this is the collection of pictures called Wills of Pictures , named like this after the famous stoic brick pattern used to hang these pictures.

It is a set of 12 mini shelves that come to light at night, casting their reflection on the wall and allowing you to decide the scale of the collection of pictures. In addition to this gallery you also have a large space where you can deposit your belongings in a sort of cupboard along with some flowers and wood %branding. It is a set of storage cabinets with glass doors so that you can see inside and also an open space so that you can give up some of your belongings and place them in the neatest recess of the shelf.

The reason I have chosen this set as the model for you is because it offers you the possibility to make different poses for the same picture by simply changing the frame of the picture. Of course the frame of the picture is fixed and you must use all the strength of force in order to make the final design fit the wall. Besides, it is very much cheaper and easier to maintain and you only need a strong structure.