DIY cube shelves are a perfect way to display the small things that you need like books, slaps, magnets and so on. They’re also a great way to hide them somewhere safe, but still easy to reach. The great thing about cubes is that most of them are very simple and feature only a simple shape. They can be placed anywhere you want, in any tight space you have.

Traditional living rooms look best with a large wall unit such as this one. It’s big enough to hide a TV and a fireplace and to help create an airy look. To complete the look you can add some traditional Portuguese tiles or other traditional accessories.

Another very functional piece that would look great in a modern or contemporary home is a bookcase or any other sort of shelving system. Create a diversified set by using them to store or display all sorts of different items in different depths and sizes. This particular system is perfect for the books and magazines you usually keep in your bookshelves.

Diy Cubicle Shelves By Benoît Délech Photo 3

Finally, a cube-shaped storage kit would be the perfect accent piece for a child’s room. It would have to be small in order to fit under the bed or in the closet but it would look fun and interesting. This is a very interesting look for a storage cube.