When you’re working at home, privacy is always a big problem. Most of the time, the desks are in the same place. Sometimes it’s ok to make a few changes. Just to make the room a little less austere and less formal. The idea is to make this private and cozy. Of course, these solutions have a toll on the quality of the air so pay close attention.

This is a very interesting project. It’s a foldable desk and it’s somewhere between a sofa and a bed. It was created by Austrian designers from dotdot. Even though the project name was “Finte”, the actual production was something else.The most interesting part related to this piece is the fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s a very flexible piece of furniture as its modules can be folded and they will serve as seats or tables. They can be used either as standalone items or combined with others to create many different configurations.

This is a modern piece of furniture that features an unusual design. The combination of wood and glass is not something you would expect to see. It’s a very interesting and very functional idea. The Finte desk is a modular piece of furniture that can be reconfigured and the crystals can serve a variety of purposes.

Folding Desks Photo 3

This particular structure is particularly attractive because of its enigmatic look. At the center of the structure there’s a large column. The columns come in different shapes and sizes and they form a 9 meter structure. Compared to the 9 meter long work surface this desk is extremely comfortable. Of course, it’s just a small space but it’s enough. The Finte desk is a creation of daniele d’alva.