It’s hard to even try to describe the look of a paisley piece of furniture as it can be quite hard to get the image right. Designers have to get that balance between what’s practical and what we expect from it and in order to get that right the designer needs to create a series of fluid interconnections between the pieces in order to get that look. Of course, there are no tricks, just thinking outside the box.

For those that enjoy minimalist pieces of furniture often like us the challenge is to balance the refined and elegant design with the environment that has to be enveloping in order to obtain a cozy and welcoming ambiance. This can be difficult to manage to make a piece of furniture look elegant without letting it impress on a large scale. It’s why it’s very important to let your chosen design lead the visual and interior décor.

Koi Pond Designs By Mark Daniel Photo 2

A great starting point for checking out design ideas is the design created by Mark Daniel of London. We particularly enjoy the way these square-shaped side tables divide the gray concrete floor and the main living space.

The side tables look like giant hats and they’re very charming. They match the accent wall behind them and the polished concrete floor. Next to the living space there’s a lovely little bench that has a wooden table extension.

This living room and the office are part of a triangular volume that extends horizontally and forms a cozy sitting area in the corner. It’s a spacious room with big windows and panoramic views of the surroundings.

A similar triangular volume also defines the sleeping area in the case of this lovely room. In addition to the side tables that can potentially be removed, this volume includes more furniture that can potentially become a desk if needed.

The color palette in this particular living room is based on neutrals and includes shades of gray and white with a few yellow accents. Also, the mesh area rug adds a chic touch to the space.

The living area is actually an open space that also includes the kitchen, dining area and the living space. It has double-height ceiling and views of the surroundings. Although these areas have small windows, they don’t lack natural light.

What’s beautiful about this area is that it was actually both a living room and a bedroom. The bedroom features a platform bed and is a separate, enclosed volume positioned above the living room. The idea was ingenious and great for the space it occupies.

The roof of the kitchen can be accessed via a elevated staircase that also serves as a safety rail. The staircase sits on a safety reinforcement system supplied by the building.

The residence includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a study, a media room and a 4-car garage. The interior design is simple and space efficient. All the rooms have large windows and the color palette is diverse. The blue accents are complemented by white elements and touches of natural wood and they form a cozy and inviting mood, perfect for the space.

The balconies and the terraces play an important role in the overall design. They increase the room’s energy efficiency and they also allows views of the surroundings. The rooms are simple and have an unusual décor but they are also inviting and comfortable.

The extension includes a beautiful kitchen, a dining area and an open space living room. A staircase connects these spaces to the outdoor terraces. The interior design overall is very casual and similar to the exterior of the building.

A guest room is also located on the ground floor. it has a neutral and simple décor and pictures and posters have been hung on the walls. The room has large sliding glass doors that connect it to an outdoor terrace. In order to benefit from all that outdoor space, the owners preferred a 9 meter long balcony. The main color palette in this area is neutral and mostly composed of shades of white and grey.