If you’re attracted to something, if you see it, feel it and see the beauty and uniqueness in it.The same thing applies to people who are attracted to a particular thing.Victorians used to be the “cool” type, those who could find anything they wanted, embraced things in their lives and expressed their individuality. Their houses were painted in pastel colors, floral patterns and very beautiful and lifelike details and fashions. They had the elegance and comfort that everyone dreamed of and they could tell you about them with a personal history.

Nowadays people no longer pay attention to these things and try to make their homes look like a nursery room. They generally prefer the modern minimalistic style interior and the main colors used are white, light brown and beige, just like they used to paint the whole house. However, sometimes they make a bring back by the paintings or the colorful and fun decorations that they have or that seem to cheer up the atmosphere. Let’s take a look at a few interiors with Victorian style homes for example.

As you can see for yourself from the pictures, there’s a Victorian home with a very beautiful interior décor that makes the room look cozy and inviting, just like in the past. There’s also an antique home, a modern home, a very beautiful one and so on. Nevertheless, every home is unique and features its own personality.{pictures from vogue}.