Finding the perfect balance between functionality and style is not always easy. Yet this particular bedroom makes the process so much easier because it has a very clean and simple interior design. It features a neutral color palette with a light finish and it has wooden elements including the wall, ceiling and floor. The dark features add elegance to the décor while also creating subtle contrast.

The bedroom was designed by Kristin Wolff Architects and it’s located in West Vancouver, British Columbia. It has a very interesting interior. It’s a combination of modern and vintage with some similarities to the other style but it’s also refreshing. The bedroom combines simple and functional elements with the trendy and strong details. It’s a bedroom that could easily make the user feel relaxed and comfortable without making the rest of the house feel uncomfortable. It’s the small bedroom of the house. It has a cozy look, with a small bed and nightstands.

There’s also another interesting detail about this bedroom. It’s not the extensive contrast between the white walls and ceiling but the simple-looking wall panels from the left side. They seem to be made of recycled wood and they are, in a way, a little reminiscent of the boards used on barns. Fine woodwork was used to adorn the walls but this detail also adds warmth to the décor.

This bedroom also has an interesting bathroom. It’s small but it has a simple, serene look. The color palette features neutral tones. The lighting is soft and subtle and the atmosphere is relaxing, serene and calm. The color palette was also modified in the case of the open bathroom that features concrete flooring and wood accents.