When I am very close to my mother and I hear the news she looks for a Christmas tree near her to decorate a house, I wonder what I can use for ornamentation. At least I have enough imagination (I’m a woman) so I try to make the Christmas tree look as nice as possible, because it is the most important thing that her will see when she gets home from the holidays. Because, even I could not think of all the aspects related to Christmas, perhaps I could try to make an egg-shaped Christmas tree and I think it is a waste of precious time until she accepts it.

In case you are wondering what I am talking about , here are some materials you might find useful: white spray paint (blue), decorative foam, holly leaves, hot glue, template paper, blueprint, an exacto knife, mask and safety pins. First of all spray paint the eggs and then draw a grid on each egg (it’s a lot easier to do this than to paint the eggs). Only draw half or three percent on all sides, then let them dry and paint the eggs as you wish. After that you will use the mask and the template paper and start cutting out the egg hat, blue and white stripes and then add the hat, make sure the hat is as centered and clean as possible and then glue it into the egg.{found on designsponge}.

Christmas Tree Topped From Eggs Photo 2