If you have the budget and the courage, you can easily turn your home into a gun lobby. All you need is an ugly wood stain, some red paint and a broom and you can accomplish the simple task. In fact, this is not necessary. There are simpler ways to help you transform your home into a gun lobby, besides painting the walls and installing some picture frames.

For example, you can use curtains. You can have two or three depending on how large the space is and you can also consider painting the ceiling. But the curtains are only one of the many options to choose from. In this case, the color is important as well. You can simply get some white fabric and use it as a background for the guns. If you want, you can also decorate the ceiling with some candle or flower arrangements, not just with candles.

You can also use the walls, even though may be white, in a different way. For example, if the ceilings are high, you can get a low one. Get rid of the guns and replace them with decorative items, like these 3 seashells displayed here. If the space doesn’t offer you any other options, maybe some folded garments placed on a white wall would be enough. If you want, you can also decorate the ceiling with colored thread like in this case.

Even if the walls and the ceiling are still present in the décor of the room, the chair and the bed will probably not get a lot of attention. This is because they should be as simple and bright as possible, preferably without any disturbing colors. Get rid of the old chairs and get rid of the old bed. It will get a new look and you’ll also get to save some space.

Of course, we’re not talking about old suits and armchairs. In here, you can invent a whole new look for your home by simply getting some furniture and keeping the old one. Marvin from Cohen + Ruh has a very inspiring suggestion. He suggests painting the furniture before putting it face down on the wall. This way you can get a beautiful design and the effect will be random and free.

Some of the old furniture pieces that you use in your home can be used for all sorts of interesting and creative projects. For example, you can turn a drum into a coffee table. First you take off the knob and you clean the drum really good. Then you apply a coat of paint and you personalize its look.

Here’s another idea: write a big message on an ironing board. You can use a standard iron or you can choose another type. The message can be written directly onto the iron or you can print it on a map or other magnetic board.

if you have a broom that’s no longer useful you can use it to make a decorative gift for someone. First you cut it into smaller pieces. Lay the piece upside down on a piece of wood. Cut two smaller pieces of wood and attach them each to the bottom of the broom using screws.