All cats love it when their owner puts them in their familiar cage and tries to dominate that space. They also enjoy watching the humans that live inside the cage and sometimes it’s quite difficult to do that because it’s not such a simple activity. If you have a cat or if you’re thinking of getting a pet, consider using one of these ideas.

Driftwood might seem like an old thing but it can be used in a beautiful way. For example, you could use a few twigs from your own garden and make a modern rustic cat lounge. You will need a sawhorse-style sawhorse base, a cut to two twigs cut to four times the length of the cat’s litter box and some rope, in a contrasting color.{found on funkyjunkinteriors}.

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An old plate was also something you could use to make a nice napkin holder. To make it you’ll need a plate, some twine, two small hairs and a cat leash. First you cut the plate in half and wrap the twine around the plate. Then you start making the paw prints and they are stored in the center.{found on lebenslustart}.

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Here’s another fun design for a napkin holder. To make it you need a wood block, some paint, a paint brush, a drill, small screws, a large nail and twine or ribbon. First you line up the wood block on the ground and drill the holes. Make a hole through the block and then make the upper portion of the cover. Paint the wood block and install the hook.{found on fun.kyti}.

Here’s another fun idea for a project. You can use a wood marquee sign to decorate the dinner table and, of course, to also give it a festive look. Use paint to create a colorful image and then use twine to attach them to a wooden message board.{found on kbw}.

These are message boards where you can put your phone, keys, wallet card, sunglasses and many more. You can organize them according to style or you can choose a more natural look. It’s a nice way to add some organic beauty to the house.{found on abeautifulmess}.