I am a very good friend of Angela Adams, the creative freak who has a lot of ideas on how to decorate our homes, of course. She taught us how to paint colorful things, give them a nice coat of gold or paint the inside of a plastic doll or use some paint and some chalkboard paint. This is a project that she shows us how to do. Well, she invited some of us for some coffee in a charming place or maybe we can try to do it ourselves if we are good enough, as long as it is not for real.

These are some examples of what you can do with your own imagination- perhaps you can use some for Christmas or for the 4th of July –” you decide what to paint and then you can write your choice on with a pencil and use a portable black painter’s brush to make sure that will look wonderful on whatever you decide to paint on.

Look at these beautiful pumpkin painted walls: they bring a personalized touch to the décor and are a great excuse to get creative and to try to do something unique on your Halloween table.

Paint A Pumpkin With Chalkboard Paint Photo 3