This ceiling treatment was designed by Sean Jackson of Studio Sean Jablars and it’s called The Birds. It’s a very visually pleasing design, partly thanks to the ceiling’s subtle pattern but also the colors and textures that this design showcases. The light fixture dominates the room, offering the space a warm and comfortable look. He also chose a color palette that looks pleasant when combined with dark tones and this allows the room to feel intimate and comfortable.

The room also benefits from a beautiful tree. It has a large canopy that covers almost an entire wall and serves as a focal point for the décor. The canopy is like a shell for the room, offering a soft and warm look and allowing it to be transformed into a cozy bed by simply folding the linen shade over the bed. It’s a simple detail but it has a big impact on the overall décor.

The rest of the furniture in the room was designed by Jana Hamrová. It includes a walk-in closet and a large bathroom with black and white tiles and marble elements. The selection of materials and the colors used are focused on shades of brown and black with turquoise and aquamarine accents.

The room also has a skylight that was placed above the bed, above the closet. It allows natural light to get in and it also serves as a window for the bathroom. The design was conceived as a multipurpose element that solves several functional problems. It can be used as a bedroom by the sofa, a living room by placing a side table or a dressing room and it can also serve as an office or guest room.