This Scandinavian nursery has a very interesting interior design and it seems like a very nice choice for a child’s room. The décor is very simple. It’s also elegant and chic but it’s also casual and rustic. The color palette chosen is very fresh and simple and features very few colors. It’s a great choice for this room.

The nursery is large enough to accommodate a twin-size crib and plenty of storage space. It’s like a mini-home. In addition, the windows in the room provide plenty of natural light. What’s particularly interesting in this room are the two pastel walls that complement each other and help create a bright and relaxing atmosphere. It’s a chic room, simple but also very charming.

The same color combination can also be seen in the rest of the house, where the décor is basically basically the same. The difference is that here the walls are not as bright and simple as in the case of the bedroom. The ceiling is also white and this makes the room feel larger.

Scandinavian Nursery Photo 3