Stockholm-based studio santhermosa architekten has designed the Rec Room in Vlieland, Sweden.

Completed in 2010, this multifunctional space features a work table for both authors and non-authors to submit their work.

Rec Room by santhermosa architekten:

“This is a double-height space with a mezzanine level, view of the Vlieland coast from the main space and a large recreation area. When the work is done it becomes a strong visual concluding, a strong connection between the two spaces is created by the staircase. The color of the wooden interior is in tones of grey, which makes the interior easy to recognize and easy to assemble.

The furnishings are a combination of old and new, and make the space feel each other. Its simplicity in integration makes it perfect for books, the pleasure of listening to music, watching TV or simply chilling with friends.”

Photos by: Kristian Olsson