Grey is a very interesting color. It’s a neutral and it can easily change the whole atmosphere in a room. Also, it’s not very hard to choose the shade and to combine with neutrals so it’s a perfect choice for the bathroom. This bathroom features a fairly neutral color palette with a few colorful exceptions such as the accent wall painted blue and the decorative mirrors. In addition to these, the bathtub and sink have black lids.

The bathroom was designed by LA Villa and it’s a space with a rather rough decor. It’s an intentional look that gives the room a rustic feel. The walls are painted with grey and there’s a nice trace of pattern on the wallpaper featuring the same color. In addition to those, the bathroom features a set of small, round wall-mounted mirrors with very clean rectangular shapes.

Grey Yellow Bathroom By LA Villa Photo 2

The light grey bathroom features a fresh and simple color palette with beige accents and stainless steel fixtures. A rectangular sink complements the whole decor and the framed picture displayed on the wall puts the décor over the top.

Grey Yellow Bathroom By LA Villa Photo 3

But perhaps the most eye-catching room is the bedroom. It has a very interesting wall décor, with spiral-shaped tiles forming a rainbow across the wall. The warm grey background is complemented by a series of black and white spots and the result is a eclectic décor with a playful look.